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How To Tie Your Belt

When you tie your belt think of it as rolling up your sleeves in preparation for serious work. Hence be sure you're doing it right!





Here Are Your Basic Stances

The Japanese word for stance is Dachi and these 10 are the most basic. In order of appearance their names are : Heisoku Dachi, Musubi Dachi, Heiko Dachi, Hachiji Dachi, Uchi Hachij  Dachi, Shiko Dachi, Han Zenkutsu Dachi, Zenkutsu Dachi, Neko Ashi Dachi and Sanchin Dachi.

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Your Basic Blocks Are Here

The word for block is Japanese is "Uke". It actual translation is "to receive". The blocks is order of appearance are : High Block (Age Uke), Middle Block (Chudan Uke), Low Block (Gedan Uke), Inward Middle Block (Chudan Uchi Uke) and Hooking Block (Hiki Uke).

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Gekisai Di Ichi Kata

 In our style of karate, Okinawan Goju-Ryu, there are 12 kata and Gekisai Dai Ichi is the first. Although it is the first it should not be taken lightly as it contains many advanced concepts and techniques.

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Sanchin Kata