Iaido / Bujutsu


Iaido is a system of forms using the Japanese sword. It is mainly concerned with drawing, cutting and re-sheathing the sword with perfect precision & stresses complete serenity and clarity of mind.

Iaido is not a competitive art as these weapons would quickly result in serious injury or possibly death. It is through the training of kata (prearranged forms) that one comes to understand the true nature of the art.

Iaido is practiced in Japan by a large number of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and teachers who are drawn to the art for many reasons. Among these is the fact that Iaido is a graceful and dignified art that does not include grappling, kicking or punching opponents. Hence those who appear frequently in public don't have to worry about bruises, black eyes and other distracting physical features as a result of their martial arts training.      

Sensei Smith has studied Iaido since the early 1970's under Grandmaster Rico Guy who heads the US Budokai Kan in New York. Sensei Smith is effectively Bermuda's first Samurai so if you want to learn the sword look no further!

  This Class Also Includes : 


Hojo Jutsu (rope tying), Tessen Jutsu (fan techniques), Jo Jutsu (stick techniques) And Tanto Jutsu (knife techniques). 
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