Drills & Skills with Sensei Smith 

"SWEET 16"

Sweet  16 is one of Sensei Smith's most popular drills.  This video will teach you  how to use some of the most effective wrist and arm locks while increasing your confidence and technical skill.  Learn to take total control of an opponent with these proven methods!

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"Sweet 16" Wrist & Arm Locks

With Sensei Bob Smith 8th Dan

Module 1


Here you will learn the critical key points and principles need to effectively apply the techniques.

Module 2

About Your Instructor

Sensei Smith's training background and slideshow.

Module 3

Drill Demonstration

Here you will see a complete demonstration of the drill from multiple angles.

Module 4


Sensei Smith teaches you how to execute each individual technique with maximum effect.

Module 5

Practical Applications

Here you will learn how these locks and restraints can be used in real self-defense situations as well as how to incorporate them when doing "Kakie" (pushing hands)


I'm Bob Smith

After teaching numerous defensive tactics / self-defense courses and witnessing the effectiveness of drills with regard to technique retention, I made it my mission to create a number of drills that would ensure my students had a point of reference to aid with the retention of critical techniques and tactics. This lead to the creation of a series of drills like - "Sweet 16", "The Dirty Dozen", "Get To The Point", "Neat Feet" and more. 

These drill are not only effective but also a great tactical reference, confidence builder and a lot of fun as well! I look forward to sharing my "Drills & Skills" with you!

"This was an excellent seminar - informative, fun, and ultimately empowering. I would recommend it to every woman"  


- Dr. H. Christopher 
"The training offered by Bob Smith is the best on the island and we at Safeguard would encourage all security firms to have their officers trained at this level of service.”
- Carlton Crockwell Sr. CEO Safeguard International Security Ltd.
“Bob Smith did an excellent job conducting the training for the Regiment Police. The Training was realistic and very practical. I would recommend this training to all who so desire.”
Errol McKenzie
Regimental Sergeant Major- Bermuda Regiment
Drills & Skills Vol. 1 "Sweet 16"

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