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If not, you & your entire family should and can by learning the Essentials of Safety & Protection. Start here with our free report on "The 5 Rules of Personal Safety" 



Do You Have ESP?

If not, you & your entire family should and can by learning the  Essentials of Safety & Protection. Start here with our FREE report on "The 5 Rules of Personal safety"

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What You Learn Here Can Save Lives!

Our ESP program is a comprehensive personal safety course that goes beyond the physical techniques of your usual self-defense class. It includes essential protocols for home, travel and vehicle safety.  The concepts, techniques and tactics taught are effective, easy to learn and designed specifically for the untrained person with no martial arts experience and little time available for training.

The topics covered are not unlike those taught to elite law enforcement agencies like the FBI and CIA. We are proud to have also provided similar training  to local law enforcement officers, military personnel and security professionals.

This course will cover topics including Predator Types, Threat Assessment, Pre- Incident Indicators, Principles of Defense, Vital Points, the law as it applies to the use of force and much more!


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Easy to learn tactics & strategies to survive physical attacks.

Improvised Weapons

Learn how to use everyday items as tools for personal defence.

Weapon Defence

Learn the secret to turning the tables on an attacker with a gun, knife or impact weapon. 

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